When we have time, we like to breed and hex, too!

Open means the file is up for adoption. Limited means the file may be available for trade. Closed means the file is currently not available for adoption or trade.

Pudge Scotties Hexed Breed (November 2018)

These miniature "no-grow" Scotties will melt your heart. Originally hexed for Whickerwick's 2018 advent calendar and the PUGS holiday tree, these little kickers are based on the puppy proportions of an original-breed Scottie mixie. You may customize the coat color, the accent color (spot, ear, brow, and lids), and the eye color(s). Taken as shown.

Status: Open
Spotless White Dalmatians Purebred/Noninbred Line (April 2018)

Original-breed, adoption-center Dalmatian ancestry. This purebred, noninbred and closed line* occasionally produces spotless white Dalmatians (7th gen.) with selfie ears, bright white selfie lids (color chart 18) and pink eyes (color chart 75). The line boasts extraordinary genes, including one parent carrying simultaneous marking factor values as low as 0, 0 and 1. Kasual Kennels has successfully bred four (4) spotless white Dalmatians to date. *Only Kasual Kennels petz were bred into this line.

Status: Limited
Fluffadors Selective Breed (April 2018)

Original-breed, adoption-center Poodle, Sheepdog, and Labrador ancestry. Selfie lids, selfie socks, and selfie (or complementary) irises. Black coat, red tongues. Other coats, pink tongues. Labrador personalities. Pixel-perfect feet alignment for posing. Each line has a pair of parents who breed 100% true to the breed's standard. Later offspring may carry undesirable Sheepdog coat genes, a consequence of ongoing work toward additional eye colors.

Status: Open